Welcome to the online annual report of War Child

This year too we are communicating as transparent as possible on our results. That is why we present our results with this special online edition of the annual report. Thanks to an innovative navigation, called facet navigation, you will find what you are looking for in a couple of clicks. Thanks to the sponsorship of Facetbase this online annual report has been created totally free of costs. The PDFs which can be downloaded are designed fully sponsored by 52 graden noorderbreedte.

Conflicts and figures worldwide
The number of conflicts may have decreased the last ten years, more and more civilians became directly involved in war. No less than one-third of them are children. Even today around ten million children are victims of war. Last year War Child helped 850,000 children and 135,000 adults in 11 countries around the globe.

Child soldier campaign
The use of child soldiers is one of the most repulsive violations of the rights of a child. Still around 300,000 children are part of an armed faction. That is why War Child started the child soldier campaign in 2007. Individuals, companies, politicians and media are asked to take their individual responsibility to act against this worldwide problem. On different levels new initiatives were born. Together they addressed the problem and started to make a change.

Thank you!
Our volunteers, Friends, private donors, corporate sponsors, institutional donors, ambassadors and employees, in 2007 again you lived up to War Child ambitious goals. We express our thanks and regards to those who helped us. On to a peaceful future. 

Maarten van Dijk
Chair of the Board, War Child Holland


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