How does it work?

The information in this online annual report is presented in a different manner than you are accustomed to seeing on many websites. The full content of the War Child annual report 2007 is divided into articles. Keywords are linked to each article, which are found in the menu on the left.
You can search the annual report simply by clicking on a keyword on the left-hand side. After each click, only those articles will remain that correspond with the keywords you have clicked. But doing this you find the information you are looking for quickly from various angles.

In the horizontal navigation bar, you find all background information about War Child. This information is not directly linked to the results of 2007.

For example:
Imagine you are looking for results from the Colombia programme in 2007. First you click ‘Colombia’ below ‘search on country’ (see figure 1). All articles related to Colombia will appear.

Figure 1

You can then click below ‘search on project’ on results (see figure 2). Two articles that correspondent with your clicks will remain: the number of people reached in Colombia and the narrative and evaluation of the programme in 2007.

Figure 2

The search path that you have followed to reach this information is shown at the top of the page. You can, however, click on keywords in any random order in order to arrive at the same article. You may also cancel certain selections by clicking on the cross-button in the click path at the top of the page. You can then refine your search further using other key words.


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