Communication and fundraising target groups in The Netherlands: Companies

The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in trade and industry is increasing. An alliance with a charitable institution often forms part of this. The companies allied with War Child range form one-man businesses to multinationals. They are all just as valuable to War Child. Apart from the financial support they offer, they help War Child with product and expertise sponsoring.

War Child uses the companies' expertise and can thus keep its own expenditure very low. Companies can realise their CSR-policy in a distinctive and creative way, with the assistance of War Child. To as great an extent as possible, War Child maintains one-on-one contacts with its trade and industry sponsors. The staff and customers are involved in the work of War Child by means of information, music workshops in the companies up to attending the Friends of War Child concert. War Child pursues long-term relationships with all partners in order to be able to finance projects for a long time.

In 2007, telecommunications company Orange (now T-Mobile), main sponsor of War Child, collaborated in the field project ICT4Peace, on top of its regular sponsoring. ICT4 Peace project in Northern Uganda In Northern Uganda children get into contact with each other by means of computers, and they can gather information by means of the internet. This pilot project was meant to start in 2006, but because of delayed external financing it was only started in 2007. In 2008, it will be determined whether this project is to be continued. Last year, Ben & Jerry's received the SponsorRing for its alliance with War Child. The SponsorRing is annually awarded to the most distinctive sponsor case. Ben & Jerry's has been loyal partners to War Child ever since it was founded and also organises events together with War Child.

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Aase Kretzschmar, War Child’s press officer

Aase Kretzschmar, War Child’s press officer organized a press conference in April: “The effect of the launch of the Child Soldier Campaign was tremendous.”

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