Own fundraising with companies

In 2007, own fundraising with private individuals and companies raised € 5,937,016. A growth of 30%, brought about by the increase in the number of structural private donors, more once-only donations from trade and industry and more third party actions. This extra growth was realised thanks to the success of the Friends for War Child concert, the accompanying TV broadcasts, the Business Ambassadors Network and a large number of successful private actions. A growth of 17% had been budgeted.

In 2007, income from trade and industry grew by 29%. The emphasis lay particularly on producing growth from structural income from trade and industry. It was done by means of:

Structural sponsors
The most important result was attracting a new structural partner (Hizi Hair) and two main sponsors (T-Mobile and Tempo Team).

In the coming three years, they will financially support our field projects and they will support headquarters and field by product sponsoring. We will be organizing with these sponsors specific joint events and actions. Structural sponsoring brought in € 529,508. 17 Business Ambassadors raised € 575,000 for three years, €170,000 of which for 2007. This network, which was started in 2007, offers the opportunity for businesses to be closely involved with an international aid organisation and to be part of an interesting network of companies.

Product sponsoring or donations
Some 700 businesses supported War Child this past year with donations or product sponsoring worth € 1,188,000. The Friends concert, but also the multi-medial Child Soldiers Campaign was done by business connections. A list of companies supporting War Child can be found on www.warchild.nl/bedrijven (in Dutch). Our aspiration to make a more direct link with sports with and in our partners has not yet been realised. The first exploratory discussions have taken place and will be continued in 2008.

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Aase Kretzschmar, War Child’s press officer

Aase Kretzschmar, War Child’s press officer organized a press conference in April: “The effect of the launch of the Child Soldier Campaign was tremendous.”

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