Management in the field

Country Directors
To improve the prospects for the continuation of a programme, it is better when Country Directors (as well as other expatriates and senior employees) remain in their positions for a long period. Country Directors have indicated that a good balance between their working and private lives, a good career prospective and suitable financial recognition are important. These points have been incorporated in the Terms of Employment for 2008, while a policy for training was implemented in 2007.

New contract and job evaluation
For those employees who work structurally in both programme countries and headquarters, a new contract has been developed. In 2007, a job evaluation system was developed for use in the field, which every programme country can use to apply its own job ratings. The adjusted assessment system for senior positions has also been introduced.

In most programme countries managers who employ their own local staff are trained in supervision and are introduced to the use of the 'Handbook for HRM for National Staff'. At the end of 2007, representatives of programme countries and the HR department spent a working week discussing and further developing this handbook, the newest version of which is expected during the first quarter of 2008. Staff details and HR working procedures (such as international recruitment) have been partially introduced into the new Management Information System. This process will continue in 2008.


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