Volunteers in the field

In programme countries, just like at headquarters, volunteers make up a substantial part of War Child's work. However, the number of volunteers in the field is higher than in headquarters. Volunteers assist with activities and are often known to programme participants. This means that the volunteers are often close to the people that War Child wants to help. This is of great value to War Child as it not only raises the impact and reach of the activities but volunteers also function as ambassadors in the refugee camps, village or cities. In turn, the prominence of War Child is raised and thus the threshold for children, young people and older people to participate is lowered.

Bosco, volunteer on a War Child project in Northern Uganda Bosco is 31 years old and works as a volunteer on a War Child project in Northern Uganda for 8 hours a week. He is very enthusiastic about his volunteer job:

"I work in a youth group in the village of Padibe West. I have been trained by War Child to do activities with children, in particular dance and music. The war has meant that many children have lost contact with our tradition, therefore it is extremely important to impart the meaning of traditional dance to these children. This also helps to improve the relationship between these children and their parents. On a weekly basis, I really enjoy helping the 70 children and young people to cope with their difficult situation and bringing back peace into their lives. It helps me too.

I was 10 years old when the war began, so I actually grew up during it. But thanks to the music and the work with the children, I actually feel happy. I do this work alongside my usual work on my own bit of land, in order to earn money. I tell many people about my work for War Child. I also tell my friends that they should go to school or start up a business. Some are still very aggressive and drink a lot, and I really try to convince them that this is not the way."

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Programme Development Advisor Ernst Suur in Uganda

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