Aase Kretzschmar, War Child’s press officer

Aase Kretzschmar, War Child’s press officerAase Kretzschmar, War Child’s press officer organized a press conference on the 10th of April in The Hague. This formed the launch of the Child Soldier Campaign. The report ‘Child Soldiers, the shadow of their existence’ was presented to the Dutch minister of Development Aid.

Aase explains: “One of the most important activities of War Child in The Netherlands is to create awareness on the situation of children in war affected areas. This year we did that for the 300.000 child soldiers who have to fight in wars worldwide. The effect of the launch of this campaign was tremendous. The most important news bulletins, radio and television shows and news papers reported on the press conference. With our message we were able to reach 7 million people in The Netherlands. 


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