Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is closely tied with who War Child is and what the organisation does. On a daily basis, War Child is involved in helping children in (former) war zones, with the belief that children are the future of a country. If all children world-wide can grow up into well-balanced adults, the world will be a better place. The CSR mindset also underlies War Child's fund-raising policy.

Many corporate sponsors support War Child and formulate their CSR policy in collaboration with the organisation. Sponsoring of this kind not only means that War Child can keep its overhead costs low, but also that materials can be re-used, since all office items have been donated by IT companies, office suppliers and photocopiers and printers suppliers. War Child is also adopting the CSR policy for the move planned for 2008.

All office equipment on headquarters is sponsoredThe current tenant of War Child's future office is donating the furniture and the organisation is looking at optimising the climate control with the owner of the premises as well as the costs involved. Indeed, the future office is a former church that now functions as an office building, which is ultimately the best way of recycling. The church has been restored by the 'Stadsherstel' ('City Restoration') Foundation in Amsterdam, which was aware of the importance of keeping this characteristic building.

The most common spearheads of the CSR policy, which War Child has been following for years, such as internal environmental care (setting computers to standby after 10 minutes, separating waste products), attention for volunteers and the introduction of the code of behaviour, should nowadays be common knowledge.


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Programme Development Manager Endry van den Berg

Programme Development Manager Endry van den Berg in Sierra Leone: “Debates give a voice to those who must be heard.”

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