Project costs and partner organisations in Colombia

Programme costs € 612,718
Spent via self implemented programme € 121,220
Spent via partner programmes € 491,498
War Child active since 2005

Partner organisations

  • Taller de Vida (prevention)
  • Taller de Vida / FEAP (re-integration of ex-child soldiers) 
  • Corporación Juan Bosco (prevention)
  • Corporación Juan Bosco (re-integration)
  • Minga (prevention)
  • Fundación Dos Mundos (prevention)
  • Rayuela (peace-building)
  • Disparando Cámaras para la Paz (prevention) until August 2007 
  • Coalición (advocacy)

Number of employees

Expats1 1
Project staff2 0
Support staff3 2

1 Expatriates: are Country Directors and location managers.
2 Project staff: consists of managers, aid workers, and financial administrators.
3 Support staff: consists of drivers, guards, etc

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Ana María Jiménez from Coalición

Ana María Jiménez from local NGO Coalición in Colombia: “In close dialogue with the Colombian government we try to improve the situation of children in Colombia.”

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