Prospect on the programme in Uganda

In 2008, War Child will concentrate on four programme areas: psychosocial support, child protection, education and peace building. Increasingly more activities will be carried out in districts, parishes and villages instead of refugee camps, as more and more people are expected to leave the camps. Furthermore, we will increasingly focus on capacity building of partners and local government bodies such as district authorities. In 2008, we will investigate the possibilities of extending our activities to Eastern Uganda. Even though many people in this part of the country are in need of help because of the war, only few aid organisations are presently active in the area.

Girl at school in KitgumFinally, the ICT in Education for Peace pilot project launched in June 2007 will be evaluated. In this project computers allow children to establish contacts and to gather information from the Internet. In 2008, it will be decided whether this will be structural component of the Uganda programme.

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Programme Development Advisor Ernst Suur in Uganda

War Child’s Ernst Suur sees communities in Northern Uganda slowly recovering: “If everybody helps, something beautiful will grow.”

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