Results and evaluation of the programme in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory

All the partners are extremely motivated and invest much personal energy in the projects. An important point of improvement is the monitoring and evaluation of the programme, HR and fundraising. For this reason, in 2007 an expert from War Child gave a training session to the partner organisations so the local partners conduct the programme in accordance with the standards of War Child.

In 2007, the YAF team was sometimes hindered in performing its work by representatives of the centre where the activities take place and some people from Bil'in. For example, some of the scheduled activities had to be cancelled because the centre was suddenly closed. The reasons for this were probably that YAF did not make a financial contribution to the centre and because it was the intention to have boys and girls participate in the activities together. Because there are currently multiple relief organisations active in Bil'in and the assistance provided by War Child is no longer unique, in 2008 YAF decided to move its activities to other villages where there are not yet any relief organisations active and where the problems are similar to those found in Bil'in.

Children involved in the programme of Young Artist Forum, War Child's partner organisation in the Middle-EastResearch
In 2007, research into the effects of the programme of partner organisation Peace Child was completed. An expert from Tel Aviv University, Karen Doubilet, spent two years researching the change in attitude of the Palestinian-Israeli and Jewish-Israeli participants (those directly involved) and the spectators (those who attended the productions) toward each other. This research was performed during and following participation in the activities. According to the study, the programme was successful in effecting a positive change in attitude among the young people directly involved in the project. Admittedly there was less impact on the audience, but the study shows a significant, positive impact on the willingness of both the Palestinian-Israeli and Jewish-Israeli participants to come into contact with each other.

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Karen Doubilet, researcher and doctoral candidate at the Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv

Karen Doubilet, researcher in Tel Aviv: “In this hotbed of ethno-political conflict, Arab and Jewish youth are sharing a vision for a joint future.”

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