Prospect on the programme in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory

Following the new child rights advocacy strategy, War Child will strengthen the ties with local and international relief organisations in 2008 in the occupied Palestinian territory, Israel and the Netherlands through activities such as participation in networks and forums on children's rights. The purpose of this is to increase the knowledge about children's rights in this region, which will make it possible to adapt the work there accordingly. Financial support will be offered to two local organisations that conduct activities in the field to promote the rights of the child.

Children in classroomIn selecting the organisations, particular attention will be given to whether children's rights form the basis of their activities and whether the children are stimulated to stand up for their own rights. Furthermore, an effort will be made in 2008 to better monitor and evaluate the projects. 

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Karen Doubilet, researcher and doctoral candidate at the Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv

Karen Doubilet, researcher in Tel Aviv: “In this hotbed of ethno-political conflict, Arab and Jewish youth are sharing a vision for a joint future.”

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