Prospect on the programme in Sri Lanka

Next year will be an important one for War Child in Sri Lanka. The current programme ends in March 2008. The assessment mission in the first quarter of 2008 will provide new strategic scenarios and programmatic directions for our contribution to a relevant, holistic approach through which War Child Holland and Canada can increase the wellbeing of Sri Lankan children and youth.

War Child Canada (WCC) wants to promote the Kalmunai Peace Foundation to the status of partner. The foundation will receive extra funds via a local organisation. Furthermore, the WCC in Sri Lanka wants to establish a legal programme to support the children and youth at an international and national level, offer legal assistance and promote the awareness of the children's rights on a large scale. It is hoped that this will lead to more consideration being given to these rights within the communities and within the legal structures.

MeditationGiven the end of the ceasefire, 2008 may be a turning point for Sri Lankans. If violence between the Tamil Tigers and government forces does escalate, it may occasionally be difficult for our programs to operate smoothly. However now, more than ever, such psychosocial, peace-building (and possibly legal) programming is absolutely essential. We will therefore make every effort to continue this work.

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Rutie Atsmon director of War Child’s partner organisation Windows

Rutie Atsmon is director of War Child’s partner organisation Windows in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory: “Prejudice makes place for mutual understanding.”

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