Description of the programme in Kosovo

Children painting at World Child activityWar Child supports the local organisation in Kosovo, World Child Kosova. In 1999, War Child began a creative social programme for the Kosovar children in Albania. Initially, War Child staff provided workshops for children and training programmes for Kosovar social workers. The latter group founded its own NGO and continued to work as World Child Kosova. World Child Kosova has continued to expand, develop and enhance its programmes to cover new areas like working with teachers, conducting peace-building activities with youth, organizing community theatre productions and establishing projects for children with special needs.

Professionals and teachers
The primary goal of World Child Kosova is to train teachers, professionals and paraprofessionals to employ interactive, creative methods in the education they provide. They are doing this by changing the old authoritarian, centralised educational methods through the use of new, creative teaching materials that stimulate the students to use creative expression, exploration and interaction. Furthermore, the use of these methods allowed teachers to better observe the children's behaviour. Well-trained teachers contribute to the improvement of children's concentration, self-confidence, expressiveness and social interaction and help reduce aggressive behaviour.

Primary schools, youth centres and specific places such as the police academy of Kosovo. The participants came from almost all regions of Kosovo.

War Child has fully supported the World Child Kosova programme for four years and is now engaged in a capability development programme intended to make the organisation fully self-supporting and autonomous. In this manner War Child intends to ensure that the local staff can continue to provide their services to the Kosovar children and youth in the future. A three-year exit strategy was developed and implemented, of which 2007 was the last year. Therefore the fundraising, project management, budgeting and conflict resolution capabilities of the World Child staff were further developed in 2007. The training was adapted to the individual needs and capabilities of the various staff members.

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17 year old Ernes from Kosovo

17 year old Ernes from Kosovo took part in the programme of World Child Kosova: “I would like to give contribute professionally to my country when we are part of Europe.”

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