Risk management, operational risks, political risks

War Child generally works in politically unstable areas. Changes in policies and political relationships constitute major risks for the programmes.
To manage political risks as well as possible, War Child includes the political situation in its analysis for the selection of countries and regions. Areas in which the risk is too high will not be selected. When there are problems with the authorities, the continuation of the projects has precedence over issuing statements that may be politically sensitive. Finally, War Child keeps a very close eye on political developments abroad through United Nations networks and contacts with the local government and local aid organisations.

Critical position in Colombia
Advocacy is an important component of the programme in Colombia, and War Child is actively lobbying for human rights in the South American country. A position directed too critically towards governments could possibly undermine the progress of the programmes, therefore War Child has joined a platform made up of multiple international aid organisations. In this way it can remain critical without endangering programmes.

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Ana María Jiménez from Coalición

Ana María Jiménez from local NGO Coalición in Colombia: “In close dialogue with the Colombian government we try to improve the situation of children in Colombia.”

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