Risk management, other operational risks

Car accidents are a major threat for staff in developing countriesWar Child provides expatriates with good health insurance coverage. An evacuation plan has been set up to ensure that expatriates can be evacuated quickly if necessary. Worldwide, car accidents are one of the most common cause of death of expatriates abroad. There is a lot of danger on the road and roads are often in worse condition that in the expatriates' home countries. To reduce the risk of car accidents, War Child hires skilled local drivers. Furthermore, there are guidelines and rules with regard to the purchase and servicing of vehicles.

Difficult circumstances in Sudan
Another operational risk is in the development of new programmes. Not all activities proceed efficiently immediately, and circumstances are very difficult in countries like Sudan. In 2007, the Sudan team ascertained by means of an evaluation that the programme was less effective and efficient than desired in the last few years. This was due to, among other things, the significant distances between locations (1700 km between Khartoum and Juba), the complex political situation (two areas with two governments), insecurity (fighting right up into the centre of cities) and local management capacity.

War Child has responded to this by employing stronger, more experienced international employees, and also deploying them in Juba. In mid 2008, a review will take place to assess whether the measures taken have had effect.

Other risks that could endanger the continuity of the organisation concern fire safety, health risks and traffic safety. To reduce health risks for staff in the Netherlands, War Child has an agreement with an occupational health and safety service, Achmea Arbodienst. In 2006, a plan was devised to offer adequate assistance to War Child staff in headquarters. This plan was implemented in 2007 and six co-workers have been trained to become emergency response officer.

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Mark Vogt, Executive Director War Child

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