Risk management, reputational risks

A scandal in the media can damage an organisation's reputation, be it true or false. Rectification afterwards will not repair the reputational damage. Not only income may fall, but the reliability and credibility of the organisation are also at stake. To maintain the trust of donors, companies and other supporters, War Child has an honest and open approach to communications. War Child was therefore also very pleased to win the Transparency Award in 2007, just like in 2006.

Even with good communications, there is always a risk of damage to the reputation. To guard against false statements about War Child in the media, the organisation requests access to interviews prior to publication to check them for factual accuracy (obviously without restricting freedom of speech). If inaccuracies do get published, War Child will, where possible, engage in open discussions to ensure that the correct information is published after all.


Alongside commanding direct reputational risks, developments also take place world-wide, which are beyond War Child's control. Consequently, humanitarian organisations sometimes appear in the news, rightly, and sometimes wrongly. This can have an indirect effect on the work War Child does, and on War Child as an organisation, which is why the organisation carries with it the responsibility, as do all players in our international field, to operate both qualitatively and transparently, with a transparent payment structure and a professional supervisory board.

Compliance with standards and legislation (compliancy)
Compliance with general and industry specific legislation and regulations contributes to covering risks. As an organisation that feels very strongly about reliability and transparency, compliance with legislation and regulations is essential for War Child. Therefore, War Child complies with the standards of the Dutch Central Bureau for Fundraising (CBF), with regard to governance, policy, fundraising and communication, spending of means and reporting. War Child has had the CBF hallmark since 1 June 2000.

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Aase Kretzschmar, War Child’s press officer

Aase Kretzschmar, War Child’s press officer organized a press conference in April: “The effect of the launch of the Child Soldier Campaign was tremendous.”

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