Expenditure, introduction

The total expenditure for project activities, preparation & coordination, and communication & awareness raising, which together form the 'expenditure on behalf of the objective', shows a slight rise in comparison to 2006 (2006: € 8.2 million, 2007: € 8.3 million). A growth of 20% was budgeted, which renders an under spending of 16% in expenditure. The main reasons are described below.

The expenditure of War Child is divided into four main activities:

  1. Project Activities
  2. Preparation & Coordination
  3. Communication & Awareness raising
  4. Fundraising.

To realise these activities War Child incurs support costs (among which are salary costs for staff of headquarters, housing, and office supplies). These costs are charged to the four main activities according to a distribution key. War Child applies the following norm for support costs in relation to project costs: maximum 20%, guideline 15%, ideally 10%. At 15%, this target was achieved in 2007.

Flag on a Ugandese War Child truck at a Child Friendly Space in Gulu

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Mark Vogt, Executive Director War Child

Mark Vogt, Executive Director War Child sees growth potential: In many states children should be given the opportunity to grow up as a balanced adult.

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