Income, spending percentage and continuity reserve

The result (€ 996,603) has been added to the foundation's equity, which amounted to € 4,643,116 as per 31 December 2007. A large proportion of this equity has been set aside as a continuity reserve (€ 4,000,000) to act as a buffer against a sudden drop of income. The level of this reserve is based on the costs to maintain the organisation and the programmes running for a minimum of six months and a maximum of one year. The scope of this reserve falls well within the guidelines set down by the Dutch Fundraising Institutions Association (VFI).

Balloons at the Friends for War Child Concert, a fund raising event in The Netherlands


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Mark Vogt, Executive Director War Child

Mark Vogt, Executive Director War Child sees growth potential: In many states children should be given the opportunity to grow up as a balanced adult.

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