17 year old Ernes from Kosovo

17 year old Ernes from Kosovo17 year old Ernes from the Western part of Kosovo took part in the programme of World Child Kosova. "I was about 8 during the war but I can still remember the time we left our home. I can clearly remember Serbian military check points. We’ve been through the same experience as the other population in Kosova. After Serb solders deported us from the house, me and my family were forced to go flee to Sarajevo (Bosnia) where we could live with our relatives.

I’m living far better now. I have already finished 10th grade with excellent success. I feel very safe in the place that I’m living. When I was I was in the World Child Kosova programme. We did sportive races, “relay games” and drama activities. Mostly I liked the socialization with the youths from the different nationalities. We exchanged different experiences and got to know each other better.

After finishing the secondary school, I would like to continue my studies in the Faculty of Law. Nut my true passion is basketball. I would like to become a professional basketball player in one of the European Leagues. I would like to give my professional contribution in my country in the final statue as a part of Europe."


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