Project costs and partner organisations in Chechnya

Programme costs € 103,461
Spent via self implemented programme € 374
Spent via partner programmes € 103,087
War Child active since 1997

Chechnyan parents at a War Child activity

Partner organisations

  • Serlo, Centre for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth

Number of employees

Expats1 -
Project staff2 -
Support Staff3 -

1 Expatriates: are Country Directors and location managers.
2 Project staff: consists of managers, aid workers, and financial administrators.
3 Support staff: consists of drivers, guards, etc

Door de bril van

Toma Khadueva, coordinator of the Kherch Project in Cechnya

Toma Khadueva, coordinator of the Kherch Project bring some light in the harsh life of children and youth in Cechnya.

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