Activities and number of children, youth and adults reached in Colombia

Activities and numbers
For 2007, considerable growth was expected in the number of partnerships, projects, activities and participants. As a whole, the budget and the number of activities and reached participants did, indeed, grow. The expansion of the total programme, however, was not as extensive as expected.

First of all, the contract with one of the partner organisations, Disparando Cámaras para la Paz (DCP), was ended in August 2007. As a result of internal conflicts of interest, the DCP project team stepped down, which precluded the continued implementation of the programme. The contract with partner CAP/Rayuela was reviewed and the scope of activities expanded; however, this did not sufficiently compensate for the termination of DCP's contract.

Secondly, the selection of new partners, and thus the intended growth, was delayed by a change of War Child's representative in Colombia. There was also a delay in developing the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) capacity of partners and providing them with tools for creative and psychosocial support. The change of War Child staff did not affect the implementation of activities by our current partners.

Most partners achieved more than planned. The primary reason for this was the great enthusiasm for the activities. Some partners cut certain costs in order to be able to allow more children to participate. In addition, the PM&E system that War Child uses is still under development and the partners' capabilities for using this system must yet be developed, so it is not always possible to accurately estimate the number of planned participants.