Results and evaluation of the programme in Kosovo

The past seven years of co-operation have been a period of learning for War Child. World Child Kosova is a strong local NGO with a unique programme that has gained an excellent reputation by conducting constructive programmes. This particularly applies for the training of teachers, peace-building activities and projects for children with special needs.

Lessons learned
The long-term financial support of World Child Kosova by War Child had both positive and negative effects. A positive aspect was the strong financial position of War Child Kosova that allowed staff members to concentrate fully on the activities while being supported by a strong monitoring and evaluation system.

Girls at War Child activityLess positive was the fact that World Child Kosova was highly dependent on the funds from War Child. Their own fund-raising efforts barely got off the ground. In the future, War Child should more closely involve large organisations and donors such as UNICEF, UNDP and UNHCR in its activities so it can later refer its partner organisations to these organisations for fund-raising once they become independent. 

Door de bril van

17 year old Ernes from Kosovo

17 year old Ernes from Kosovo took part in the programme of World Child Kosova: “I would like to give contribute professionally to my country when we are part of Europe.”

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