Prospect on the programme in Kosovo

Following War Child's phase out of support for World Child Kosova, it will continue its activities in the coming years because the projects make a valuable contribution to the wellbeing of children in Kosovo. This not only applies to the training project for teachers but also to projects related to peace-building, culture, awareness of child smuggling and for children with special needs.

Children at a War Child activityWorld Child Kosova continues to increase its focus on training people who work with children and youth. The organisation is able to conduct the programmes without the technical assistance of War Child. During the coming years, the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of the programme must be improved. The regional War Child representative provided World Child with guidance in these matters in 2007. If the social and security situation in Kosovo deteriorates, War Child will assess the possibility of a new programme in the region.

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17 year old Ernes from Kosovo

17 year old Ernes from Kosovo took part in the programme of World Child Kosova: “I would like to give contribute professionally to my country when we are part of Europe.”

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