Prospect on the programme in the Netherlands

In 2008, the projects 'working independently' and 'parent/child' were developed further. Following pilots in 2007, this approach was further developed and implemented in various asylum seeker reception centres. More intense contact with the children is achieved through these projects. Working with adolescents to form a bridge between the world of the asylum seekers and society as a whole also remains a spearhead. This young community is trained and involved in presentations and projects with companies.

creative workshop for childrenIn 2008, a strong emphasis was placed on expanding the local networks. This network is necessary both as a source of volunteers and for financial support. De Vrolijkheid strives to be able to offer weekly activities for all children in asylum centres. Unfortunately, the foundation has no choice but to work on a project basis. De Vrolijkheid intends to achieve a weekly presence through additional involvement of the community and by obtaining increased local and regional support.

In 2008, War Child continues to provide financial support to De Vrolijkheid - now at a lower level - through a funding of €50,000. There are two reasons for this:

  •  The original idea of the collaboration with De Vrolijkheid was that War Child would help increase the fundraising capability of De Vrolijkheid. Unfortunately the collaboration has not led to the desired increased fundraising of De Vrolijkheid. In addition, less progress has been made than initially planned concerning the intended exchange in the areas of methodology, communications and fundraising. Although consultation and the exchange of knowledge do take place, it has become apparent that there is no cross-fertilization of ideas with regard to the development of methodology.
  • War Child has had to make a provisional decision concerning the position of the De Vrolijkheid programme within the entire portfolio. War Child has decided to give precedence to the interests of children in programme countries in which War Child is active above the interests of children in the asylum seeker reception centres in the Netherlands. It is not the intention of War Child, however, to contend that the work here in the Netherlands is less important. War Child is of the opinion that, even with a lower contribution, the foundation can play an important role for the children in the Dutch asylum seeker reception centres and that War Child, among other potential funding providers, plays a less crucial role in the Netherlands than in other project countries.
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Aase Kretzschmar, War Child’s press officer

Aase Kretzschmar, War Child’s press officer organized a press conference in April: “The effect of the launch of the Child Soldier Campaign was tremendous.”

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