Project costs and partner organisations in Sierra Leone

Programme costs € 889,596
Spent via self implemented programme € 860,534
Spent via partner programmes € 29,062
War Child active since 2001

Partner organisations

  • Peoples Education Association of Sierra Leone (PEA - SL). Trained trainers and provided technical support for literacy & numeracy training. 
  • Youth Action for Self Reliance (Yasser). Provided livelihood training for youth. 
  • Praise Foundation. Provided livelihood training for youth. 
  • Modu Education Children's Home (MECH). War Child trained their staff members and teachers. 
  • Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM). War Child trained IPAM students in Participatory Drama INGO-platform. 
  • UNICEF, the Ministry of Education and (I)NGOs. War Child participated in working group that develops a new subject for the Primary School Curriculum. 
  • Ministries. War Child established relations with line ministries.

Young people and children acting

Number of employees

Expats 1
Project staff 2 19
Support Staff3 48

1 Expatriates: are Country Directors and location managers.
2 Project staff: consists of managers, aid workers, and financial administrators.
3 Support staff: consists of drivers, guards, etc

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17 year old Sorie from Sierra Leone

17 year old Sorie from Sierra Leone was kidnapped by rebels when he was very young. Extreme violence became part of his daily life.

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