Prospect on the programme in Afghanistan

The Afghanistan children's rights programme will continue until 2010. War Child's role will shift from executive to supportive. Communities themselves will seek solutions and resources to solve the problems they encounter in schools. War Child will continue to help girls and working children gain access to physical education and get more handicapped children involved in community activities.

Afghan boysIt is to be expected that the security situation in Afghanistan will further deteriorate. War Child will, however, continue to help the Afghan children with adequate planning and the necessary flexibility. Should the worst case scenario (further escalation of the conflict throughout the country) occur, however, War Child will be forced to retreat. Expansion of War Child's activities continues to depend on financial resources made available through external funding.

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Karen Doubilet, researcher and doctoral candidate at the Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv

Karen Doubilet, researcher in Tel Aviv: “In this hotbed of ethno-political conflict, Arab and Jewish youth are sharing a vision for a joint future.”

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