Description of the programme in Chechnya

Since January 2007, War Child provides the local partner, the Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation of children and Youth (Serlo), with financial support. This support began as a one year programme. Serlo offers creative psychosocial workshops and individual counselling sessions for children and adolescents at five locations on the outskirts of the Chechen capital, Grozny.

Chechnyan parents talk about their childrens problems during a War Child discussion meeting

The programme is called 'Kerch', which means 'hearth' and is associated with warmth and hominess. Serlo has also hired several psychologists who have received training from War Child. The Serlo psychologists organise group workshops and individual counselling for parents. In addition, Serlo holds training seminars for teachers. They are trained to recognise the children's psychological problems, respond adequately and interact with the children in a positive manner.

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Toma Khadueva, coordinator of the Kherch Project in Cechnya

Toma Khadueva, coordinator of the Kherch Project bring some light in the harsh life of children and youth in Cechnya.

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