Description of the programme in Sri Lanka

War Child Holland financially supports the programme of War Child Canada (WCC) in Sri Lanka. The programme is being conducted in the East and North-east of Sri Lanka, in the most heavily affected districts of Batticaloa and Ampara for a period of 20 months. The current programme will be terminated in April 2008. WCC supports two partner organisations in Sri Lanka: Butterfly Peace Garden and Kalmunai Peace Foundation. They assist children and adolescents, social workers, parents and caregivers of the children in the project, other adults via outreach activities, the residents of the camps, the communities in 90 border villages and social organisations. Border villages are communities in which different ethnic groups live separately from each other. 

Children at War Child activity in KarballaButterfly Peace Garden
Butterfly Peace Garden carries out psychosocial programmes in the relief camps for tsunami victims in Thiraimadu and Karballa in the province of Batticaloa. Through creative activities, they stimulate the healthy psychological development of children. The children have been living in the camps since the tsunami.

Kalmunai Peace Foundation
The Kalmunai Peace Foundation operates in preschools in nine villages in the Amapara district. Apart from education, peace building is an important component of this project. Muslims and Tamils in the villages live strictly segregated from one another. In the nursery schools, children from the various communities carry out activities together in order to foster mutual understanding.

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Rutie Atsmon director of War Child’s partner organisation Windows

Rutie Atsmon is director of War Child’s partner organisation Windows in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory: “Prejudice makes place for mutual understanding.”

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