Conflict and consequences in Chechnya

Duration of the conflict Map Chechnya
1994 - 1996, 1999 - present

Nature of the conflict
Struggle for independence; a continuous, low intensity conflict

Humanitarian aspects
Human Development Index 20071: not registered, because Chechnya was not an officially recognised country in 2007. There are approximately 18,000 registered Chechen Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in neighbouring Ingushetia and another 57,000 in Chechnya itself.

Child soldiers
No figures available

Country's current phase
Improved security situation. Emergency relief is diminishing and the number of reconstruction and development programmes is increasing.


An autonomous republic within the Russian Federation, Chechnya is situated in the Northern Caucasus. Since 1994, a violent struggle has raged between the Russian army and Chechen separatists. The two Chechen wars have resulted in tens of thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands of displaced persons and a completely demolished infrastructure. During the past few years, the security situation in Chechnya appears to have stabilised considerably and a growing number of organisations are launching development programmes. However, the situation in the region is still turbulent and a lasting political solution to the conflict is yet to be found.


An entire generation of children has been raised in an environment of violence, fear, humiliation, poverty and hopelessness, which has had a dramatic impact on their psychosocial development. Despite the improving situation, children, adolescents and adults often find it difficult to resume a more normal life and to look to the future with optimism. Feelings of frustration and despondency lead to alcohol and drug use, domestic violence and aggressive behaviour.

Children in armed groups
According to research conducted by the 'Coalition to stop the use of child soldiers', children younger than 18 are involved in the activities of Chechen separatist fighters, secession movements and gangs or are members of village defensive units. It is also assumed that young Chechen people are used to conduct suicide attacks 2

1 Human Development Index 2007: Human Development Index 2007: This United Nations index is a classification of countries based on their level of development (in terms of poverty, illiteracy, education, and life expectancy).
2website Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty

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Toma Khadueva, coordinator of the Kherch Project in Cechnya

Toma Khadueva, coordinator of the Kherch Project bring some light in the harsh life of children and youth in Cechnya.

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