Jurisdiction and tasks of board and management

Jurisdiction and tasks of the board have been laid down by statute. The board:

  • is ultimately responsible for strategy, policy, budget and results; 
  • sees to it that the activities of War Child are aimed at realizing the targets and contribute to the mission of War Child;
  • examines the strategic long-range plan and the individual annual plans and budgets and reviews the progress of the plan through the year; 
  • decides adjustments of plans, budgets and investments; 
  • decides about appointment and dismissal of management; 
  • guards against mixed interests between foundation and board members and/or officers.

In the case of conflicts of interest the board members involved will abstain from decision making and voting.

The board has delegated tasks to management. Management is responsible for the development of strategy and policy; for drafting plans and budgets and also for the day-to-day management of the organisation. By statute management has a policy preparatory, policy advisory and policy executory task. Management informs the board of all relevant facts and developments.

Management evaluates the execution of War Child's annual plans. Management accounts to the board by means of the annual plan and the budget, four-monthly reports and the annual account. The board approves, if need be with adaptations, plans and execution.

Managements prepares, and generally attends, board meetings. Board members will receive a financial and relevant account from management before these meetings.

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