War Child International

War Child Holland is part of an international network of organisations with the same name and the same logo, which strives to improve the wellbeing of children living in war-affected areas. The organisations work together as equal partners with identical goals, but are legally, financially and administratively independent foundations. The principle of the network, both at headquarters and in the field, is to improve quality and efficiency of the aid.

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In 2007, War Child International consisted of two independent foundations: War Child Holland and War Child Canada. The co-operation was continued in 2007 in a joint programme in Sudan (co-ordinated by War Child Holland) and a joint programme in Sri Lanka (co-ordinated by War Child Canada). In 2007, progress was also made to include War Child UK in this co-operation in 2008, pending legal and other conditions.

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Mark Vogt, Executive Director War Child

Mark Vogt, Executive Director War Child sees growth potential: In many states children should be given the opportunity to grow up as a balanced adult.

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