General Management

Founder and Executive Director Drs. J.W. (Willemijn) Verloop transferred her assignments to Drs. M.H.T. (Mark) Vogt as from 1 August. As Executive Director, Mark Vogt leads the executive organisation and, together with Ms Willemijn Verloop as part time Director External Affairs, forms the management of the organisation.

The management is supervised by the board. During the pregnancy leave of the Executive Director, the head of the Supporting Departments, Ms Paula Frankema functioned as manager ad interim from January up to July 2007.

By the end of 2007, the Executive Director received a net salary of € 3,222.22 (gross € 5,294) per month for a fulltime appointment of 40 hours per week.

Executive Director Mark Vogt

As stated before, this position was held first by Ms Willemijn Verloop, then by Mr Mark Vogt. As Director External Affairs Ms Willemijn Verloop received a net salary of € 2,055.17 (gross € 3,420) per month for an appointment of 60%.

These fees are well below the guideline of the Dutch Fundraising Institutions Association (VFI) for management salaries. Management salaries are annually determined by the board on the basis of the evaluation of management by the board and the management team. As for all officers, the pension scheme is to the account of the employer.

Director External Affairs Willemijn Verloop in Colombia


The Executive Director had an unpaid sideline as a member of the IDFA fund. The Director External Affairs was a member of the board of 'Foundation Child Soldier' (Stichting Kindsoldaat), member of the board of 'Movies that Matter', member of the board of directors of 'Mundial Productions', member of the advisory council of 'Foundation Mara' (Stichting Mara). Management sidelines are discharged outside working hours on a voluntary basis (only for the function at Mundial Productions, expenses were refunded). It always involves sidelines with social organisations who, among other things, strive for exchange of knowledge and widening of the network both for War Child and the organisation in question.

The Executive Director represented War Child in the National Committee 4 and 5 May and with the Foreign Office and in organisations such as Capacity building in Developing countries (PSO) and Partos.

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Mark Vogt, Executive Director War Child

Mark Vogt, Executive Director War Child sees growth potential: In many states children should be given the opportunity to grow up as a balanced adult.

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