In and out flow of staff

Bar diagram FTE Employees

Graph In/Out flow of expatriates

In 2007, the number of expatriates who left War Child decreased slightly. The decrease of expatriates joining the organisation, however, presents a somewhat distorted image. At the beginning of 2008, expatriates will begin working in positions that were created in 2007. The percentages of staff joining and leaving the organisation (respectively 30% and 45%) are important as they give an impression of the stability of the present staff. However, this percentage is still too high, although the average time for which a member of staff is employed has increased (to 2.4 years), which is according to the objective. There are, however, differences between countries. Staff members remain in their positions considerably longer in Uganda, for example, than in Afghanistan or DR Congo, which is related to the local security situation.

Ernst and Frank, employees of War Child


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