Looking ahead, management

The formation of a two-man management team, which was set up in 2007, when its new Executive Director Mark Vogt took office will enable a gradual transfer of founder and former Executive Director Willemijn Verloop. Moreover, an important objective will be to strategically strengthen the organisation's management team. In 2008, the conversion of the current administration to one with a supervisory board will also begin.

Management Information
System A number of modules of the Management Information System (MIS) was already implemented in 2007. In 2008, the system will be rolled out throughout the entire organisation, and will be made available for all departments and War Child organisations in the programme countries.

War Child International Four wheel drive of the United Nations on its way between Gulu and Kitgum, Northern Uganda
In 2008, War Child will continue working on the international collaboration, War Child International. At the end of 2007,  War Child International was made up of War Child Nederland and War Child Canada. As expected, this will be extended with War Child United Kingdom. The purpose of the collaboration is to bring all War Child organisations, which operate autonomously, together in a formal rapport and joint venture.


Door de bril van

Mark Vogt, Executive Director War Child

Mark Vogt, Executive Director War Child sees growth potential: In many states children should be given the opportunity to grow up as a balanced adult.

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