Aims of development of methodology: effect measurement

One of the aims of development of methodology in 2007 was:

The effect of aid programmes was determined and programmes were adjusted accordingly. Suitable instruments for determining effect were further developed.
In 2007, the results of determining effect in Sierra Leone became available. They provided a better insight into the efficacy of the support given (see frame). The results of the research in Uganda, for instance, led to adjustments in the creative workshop programme and to a proposal for the development of a new measuring instrument. 

Results determining effects in Sierra Leone
Towards the end of 2006, a third and final measurement was made in a long-term research into the effect of the community programme in Sierra Leone. This measurement was done on the basis of qualitative, participatory methods. They are suitable to having people tell in their own words in what way the War Child programme contributed to changes in daily life.

The main results are:

Awareness in the field of the rights of the child has increased considerably.
By the end of the programme the vast majority of the community is well aware of the rights of children. Children experience more support, are more often allowed to participate in assemblies and join in activities. They can express their opinions and they are heard.

Harmony in the communities is improved.

More positive communication and respectful interaction between children and adults have developed. A reduction of violence is also noticeable.

The research report 'Let pikin bisniss be all men bisniss' can be downloaded here.

In 2007, the Foundation Frijling Prins Fonds honoured a proposal for the development of a new measuring instrument for creative and participatory exercises. A counselling committee, comprising experts from various disciplines, helps the team to develop the instrument in the next two years. A manual was also written, in which the experiences of War Child in the fields of monitoring, evaluation and research were summarised and in which the targets for the coming years were laid down. In 2007, War Child also collaborated in the production of an article in the field of evaluation and measuring effect within the psychosocial domain for the international magazine 'Intervention'. This article will be published at the beginning of 2008.

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Elise Griede, War Child methodology specialist develops special programmes for 11-to-15 year olds, called I DEAL.

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