Looking ahead, developing programmes

In 2008, War Child will remain dedicated to helping create a peaceful future for children in (former) war areas. The strategic annual plan 2006-2010 will be revised halfway through in order to continue shaping and supporting the further growth and professionalisation of the organisation.

Developing programmes
As long as so many children continue to be victims of conflict or are misused in fighting, the necessity for such programmes in many countries remains exceptionally high. In 2008, War Child's existing programmes will grow across the board. As expected, new programmes will begin in Lebanon and Burundi in 2008, and reconnaissance missions also will take place. Based on an analysis of the capacity of possible partner organisations, the concrete need for our help, the extent to which our work there is effective, a security analysis and coherence in our portfolio, a choice will eventually be made. In 2008, whether the programme in Chechnya can be continued, given the complex security situation, will be weighed up.

War Child truck in a refugee camp just outside Kitgum, Northern Uganda

In 2008, War Child will reconfirm and, where necessary, revise its vision, mission and position. Among other things, this is the consequence of constantly changing local developments and security situations, the presence of other aid organisations and the ability of and opportunities to collaborate with others. These developments trigger new questions from War Child's target groups, other aid organisations and governments. The questions sometimes sound out the limits of our mandate. In 2008, War Child intends to reformulate the responses to these questions.

Better support
In line with the strategic plan War Child wants to strengthen the capacity of War Child(-related) organisations in the field. These organisations will be given more responsibility in the development and implementation of the programmes. Consequently, decision process will take place closer to our target group; in other words, headquarters will need to organise affairs differently in the area of partnerships, the Management Information System, planning and review and staff matters. All these components will need to receive better support in 'the field' and receive directed based more on requirements in the field. This transformation will be led by headquarters.

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Elise Griede, War Child methodology specialist

Elise Griede, War Child methodology specialist develops special programmes for 11-to-15 year olds, called I DEAL.

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