Objective and mission

Statutory objective
War Child’s statutes specify that the foundation helps children who are victims of armed conflicts. By investing in their wellbeing, the foundation aims to establish a basis for a peaceful future. It aims to:

  • contribute to the healing of the psychological damage children have sustained through their war experiences;
  • alleviate children’s suffering by providing material help in war-affected areas;
  • raise awareness of the plight of children in war- affected areas.

War Child invests in the peaceful future of children living in war-affected areas. War Child’s goal is the empowerment of children in and from war-affected areas, by means of:

  • psychosocial programmes using creative arts and sports to strengthen the psychological and social development and wellbeing of children;
  • creative arts and sports programmes aimed at uniting children driven apart by war, in order to contribute to a peaceful society;
  • creating public awareness of and generating support for the plight of children in war zones.


Srilankan childrenWar Child is an independent humanitarian organisation dedicated to children, regardless of their religious, ethnical or social background.

War Child’s legitimacy
In addition to shelter, food, health care, and the rebuilding of the economy and the infrastructure, psychosocial wellbeing is of the utmost importance for regional stability in conflict areas. War Child believes that the healthy psychosocial wellbeing of children and teenagers is essential for the creation of a peaceful society. When children grow up in a safe, stable environment where their rights are not being violated, chances of them growing up as well-balanced adults are greater. That way they will be able to avoid or resolve conflict situations in the future.

Ugandan children[

Crucial help
The large number of (civil) wars throughout the world made this help indispensable again in 2007. War Child’s programmes are a relatively new domain of development co-operation; however, it is being considered more and more by the international community as crucial for the welfare of children that have been affected by war. Since few organisations offer similar support, War Child can add value to the implementation of the programmes, as well as to the research into instruments to measure the effect of the programmes. Both international organisations and local professionals know where to find us more often with requests for training, co-operation and research.


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